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Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain strength, or just eat healthier overall, there’s one thing that is always on our radar and that’s protein. Athletes need protein to help with muscle recovery, but there are so many various forms – how do we know which are the best options? Before and after hitting the Turf, protein should be incorporated into every meal and snack to help satisfy hunger and aid in muscle growth and recovery. Without the proper fuel, how can you expect to perform your best, especially when you have ANOTHER lap of triple gallops or sprints?

While there are three macronutrients – carbohydrates, protein and fat, protein gets the most attention these days. As Athletes, our concern with eating enough protein is borderline obsessive, especially after hitting the Turf. We know our muscles need it for repair and recovery and we’re constantly seeing ads for new powders, bars, and protein supplements. The thing is, the best sources of protein are from real foods, specifically animal (and some plant) products. Not only is the protein found in real food healthier, and safer for us, but most importantly it’s digested more efficiently. You see, the act of chewing your food and the entire digestive process supports and facilitates the absorption of protein so it can reach your muscles effectively.

Sure, most of us aren’t trained chefs, nor do we have ample free time to meal prep in between working, training, and spending time with friends & family. That’s why Tone House created Tone House Fuel. What you put into your body pre-workout and post-workout will have a direct impact on your performance and your recovery. Opting for a quick fix protein powder or bar simply won’t have the same benefits as eating real food. TH Fuel is soy-free, grain-free, non-dairy and Paleo. We use only the best fresh, wild caught, grass-fed and seasonal ingredients. And guess what? If you read the label, you can actually pronounce them. Can you say the same for most ingredients listed on the back of a processed powder or supplement? Probably not.

See you on the Turf!

Jen Silverman

Jen Silverman is Tone House’s in-House nutritionist and offers nutrition consultations to our Athletes. You can set up an appointment with her here.  To learn more about Tone House FUEL click here or stop by one of the Houses and try the meals. 

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