Frequently when people think about health and fitness they usually only focus on the training aspect – but there are additional, significant variables to consider when setting goals for yourself. Proper nutrition and recovery are important components that assist your body’s ability to function on all cylinders and allow you to train harder and safer. The 360-degree approach (training, nutrition, and recovery) that Tone House has formulated for Athletes was created to improve performance, prevent injury and allow people to become the best Athletes they can be by providing access to all the ways an elite athlete reaches peak performance, beyond just training.

The three Athletes we chose to go through our 90-day Train. Fuel. Recover Transformation program improved performance on the Turf at Tone House, incorporated healthier food options into their diet (thanks to Tone House FUEL and our in-House nutritionist, Jen Silverman), and prevented/ alleviate pain from previous unrelated injuries with the help of our recovery specialist, Dr. Kamraan Husain. All had different goals, starting points, and lifestyles but it is truly amazing what can be accomplished in 90 days when you have the tools and the determination.

Here are their stories:

louis choi before and after

Louis Choi

30 Years Old – Research & Development Director
Coach: Zack Daley

“My goal has been to get leaner, focusing more on lowering my body fat % as opposed to overall weight.” ~ LC


Louis hit the Turf 4x a week. While he initially started with two Tone House 101 classes and two regular classes a week, he graduated to taking regular classes only as well as incorporating Conditioning Day into his weekly routine.


During the week, Louis made a habit of eating primarily Fuel meals throughout the day. When he traveled for work he would text our in-House nutritionist, Jen Silverman, to help him make healthy choices at business dinners.  


With the help of Dr. Kamraan Husain, Louis was able to alleviate his lower back pain while also increasing his range of motion. Recovery has helped Louis understand how to take care of his body in-between training sessions.

  • Louis lost 15 pounds during the program
  • Lowered his body fat %
  • No longer notices his lower back pain due to his newly implemented recovery regimen
  • However, he feels that the biggest improvement was the mental discipline and confidence he gained from accomplishing his goals.
How has the TFRT program enhanced your life off the Turf?
Being part of this program has helped me off the Turf by giving my schedule more structure and helping me be more disciplined. Sometimes at the end of a long day, it’s really easy to decide not to do a workout or make bad choices about what to eat. Since I have my workouts and meals planned at least a week in advance, it helps me stay on track and keep myself accountable. I’ve found that off the Turf, this has helped me stay more focused, set more clear goals with deadlines, and make sure I follow through on them. 
Although I feel I made some short-term gains, I feel that this program really helped me make lifestyle changes that I will continue to apply in my life moving forward.


jenna longo before and after

Jenna Longo

26 Years Old – Investment Management
COACH: Adrian Williams

“My goal is to get back into better shape (tone up & lose weight), and to understand my body better.” ~ JL


Jenna upped her training to 4 or 5 days per week on the Turf through the TFRT program. Before that, she was averaging about 2 classes per week. Through the program, she was able to complete her first Conditioning Day class and move towards the front of the line in the Tone House warm-up.

Outside of Tone House, she also continues to ice skate 3 days a week, mainly to keep her muscle memory up. Jenna is a former competitive figure skater.


During the program, Jenna quit artificial sugar alternatives entirely. Even though she’s been super busy at work, the Tone House Fuel meals allowed her to have a piece of mind while eating healthy and provided a convenience factor she did not have previously. She didn’t have to worry about cooking or going to the grocery store after a long day in the office.


Jenna had a history of middle back pain that usually bothered her after sitting long hours at work all day. Dr. Kamraan helped her decrease the pain by incorporating icing, foam-rolling, and adequate rest into her hectic schedule. Since the program, Jenna has increased the number of times she able to take class weekly because her pain has subsided.

  • Jenna lost 10 pounds
  • Reduced her body fat% from 35.1% to 33.9% and BMI dropped from 27 to 26.3
  • She has been able to dramatically improve her functional tests by increasing her daily stretching and foam rolling routine and was able to increase the frequency of her Tone House workouts as her pain decreased
  • She says she has seen a significant increase in the amount of energy she has through the day
How has the TFRT program enhanced your life off the Turf?

The most frequent question I get is “How are you feeling?” and let’s just say it’s an easy response! I feel incredible and so happy. I feel more energized, stronger, & much more confident.  I finally feel like I am getting back to my old self. There is nothing quite like taking a 6:15 am class, and standing up for the first time at the office around 9:30 am and feeling completely gassed (in a good way). There is nothing better than the feeling of knowing that you worked your butt off and wanting to do it all over again.

Physically I haven’t felt this good since I ended my competitive career. Growing up as an elite athlete I completely felt out of body until I started working out at Tone House.

daniel ridloff before and after

Daniel Ridloff

36 Years Old – Director at Real Estate Firm
COACH: Christi Marraccini

“Prove to myself and all the nay-sayers that having a family, with a working wife and two kids doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice on myself, my health and my fitness ambitions.” ~ DR


Daniel’s ability to take 4 or sometimes 5 classes per week is way more than he imagined was possible three months ago. Prior to the TFRT program, he was doing Tone House 2x per week maximum, slipping in other workouts as supplements that were way less intense.

As for the workout itself, he’s improved in the warm-up (evident by his place in the lineup) as well as # of sandbags on the sleds for the various sled exercises.


Daniel ate Tone House Fuel on average 4 lunches during the week and for dinner 2-3 times. He was able to eat healthier with Tone House Fuel and also kept a food log/journal during the week at his desk, which held him accountable. With Jen’s help, Daniel was still able to enjoy some of his favorite treats in moderation.


Daniel started the program with a shoulder injury unrelated to training, but during the program, he worked with Dr. Kamraan to keep his shoulder less painful through stretching and exercises. His shoulder ranges of motion improved by 40-50% since the initial examination as he had been consistent with his home recovery.

  • Daniel lost 7 pounds
  • Decreased his body fat percentage from an astonishing 26% to 18.6%
  • By the end of the program, he was able to do 50 pushups consistently, instead of only 27 pushes at the beginning of the program
  • His shoulder ranges of motion have improved by 40-50% due to the implementation of proper mobility and recovery
  • Perhaps most importantly, he gained confidence in himself and his performance on the Turf.
How has the TFRT program enhanced your life off the Turf?

Biggest enhancement has been in my confidence in the class.  I used to be bottom tier in a regular Tone House class, where I was a little intimidated to embark on some of the exercises. I no longer have that mentality on the turf!


Ahh, Coach Christi….what to say. I never thought I’d feel so good about someone constantly telling me “no” to all of my requests…can I take this day off – “no”, can I eat that – “no”…at the end of the day, she knew exactly what she was doing and the results speak for themselves. I don’t think I would have made it through this program without her by my side – her energy and commitment to the program were at times more than mine was, and like a cheesy Disney movie, we were in this journey together.

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