Creating a basic survival kit to take along on the Tone House Hunger Games (err, we mean retreat), is absolutely essential, but it doesn’t require the same gear that a weekend in the Hamptons may require.

We want to make sure our tributes athletes are ready to hit the grass. It’s nothing like going out into the wild and being totally unprepared to run across crocodiles and bears. Okay so crocodiles might not be in New York but you’ll walk like one before the weekend is over.

Before you pack your turf shoes and hop on the private bus, check out our guide to surviving a weekend in the woods and items that you’ll find in the Lululemon backpack each athlete will be provided with for the weekend.

And may the odds be ever in your favor.



You can’t travel without proper gear. The Lululemon Assert Backpack is designed with your commute to and from the city in mind. Plenty of storage for your workout clothes, mini alcohol bottles from the Bodega (we know you were thinking about it), and hiking shoes.


tom cruise giphy

You will probably need these Saturday and Sunday morning for that first workout because you spent all night bonding with the other athletes. Don’t worry we have recovery options available afterward.

ENERGOGI GRANOLA from Chef Lindsey

tone house fuel granola

It would not be a Tone House event without some goodies from FUEL. Chef Lindsey is preparing some delicious treats to charge your body through the weekend. S’mores are optional!


guys in vest

Oh baby! Get ready to run through the woods like Katniss Everdeen with a weighted vest on.


bear waving goodbye

To ward off any bears that confuse you for one of their own when bear crawling up the hill.


athlete turf shoes

When you’re packing your shoes don’t forget your turf shoes. You’re going to be unleashing your inner athlete outdoors. You want to make sure you’re prepared for anything Coach Alonzo throws your way.


val-slides giphy

Grab your Valslides! There are crocodiles near by.



workout gloves

Protection for your hands when you’re searching the campgrounds for deer.


the hunger games

(just in case… just kidding)

Camp Tone House converges on Liberty, New York September 15 – 17. TRAIN, FUEL & RECOVERY with your favorite coaches while enjoying the great outdoors. This retreat brings together athletes in an environment away from the House.


Spots Are Limited.

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