At any given moment before or after class you’re bound to see one of our TH Coaches stuffing their face with food. Now with the introduction of Tone House FUEL, our new nutrition program, coaches have an even better excuse to hop in the NormaTec Recovery Boots and multitask by FUELing up at the same time.

FUEL makes eating clean easy and helps your body to recover and prime itself for the next session on the Turf. Not only are our athletes excited about these pre and post-workout meals, but so are the coaches and staff.

We asked 5 Tone House head coaches what their favorite FUEL items are after an intense workout on the Turf.


Coach Yusuf

Favorite FUEL item: – Paleo Chicken Fingers


I love the FUEL Paleo Chicken Fingers because they are a tasty and convenient source of protein to have available whenever I need it, which is often!


Coach Roxie

Favorite FUEL item: – Bison Meatloaf


This is my top pick of the red meats that we’ve had on our menu- it reminds me of the meatloaf my grandma used to make as a kid but made with high-quality ingredients that help me refuel after class and keep me satiated. My favorite part is the sauce on top!


Coach Zack

Favorite FUEL item: – Mean Green Salmon Bowl


I love the salmon bowl because..

It’s not only a delicious meal, it is extremely healthy. I am a stickler for good quality food and protein. Although all of our food has amazing quality, the salmon has a great refreshing taste, it’s light, it’s a great source of protein, and gives me the energy I need to continue to push forward through my workouts.


Coach Callie

Favorite FUEL item: – Banana Protein Pancakes


My favorite meal has been the pancakes. They’re the perfect meal to reward yourself after a speed work section consisting of many many rounds of sprints. These pancakes are super light but leave me feeling satisfied and guilt-free. Don’t even get me started with the “syrup.” Almond butter is one of my favorite foods so this meal easily won me over.

Learn more about FUEL here.

Tone House FUEL is available at our NOMAD location.

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