By: Kay Rivera

In October 2023, we welcomed back an extraordinary coach who embodies the spirit of passion, performance, and power – Coach Jojo! As she returns to the Turf, she brings with her a wealth of experience, a relentless drive for excellence, and a commitment to empowering athletes to reach their full potential.

Jojo’s athletic background is as diverse as it is impressive. From her early days of dancing to the adrenaline-fueled competitions in events like HYROX, Battlebunker, Turf Wars, and Spartan, she has continuously sought new challenges and pushed the boundaries of her physical capabilities. But what truly sets Jojo apart is not just her individual achievements; it’s her unwavering dedication to coaching and inspiring others to surpass their own limitations.

Where are you from? What is your athletic background?

I’m from Vermont. I grew up dancing. I did some winter sports like cross country and alpine skiiing.

What inspired you to start a career in the fitness industry?

I wanted to find a competitive edge with dance. I had heard about athletes “cross-training” in high school and that got me interested in lifting weights. When I was in [the Ailey School] for dance I wanted something to do during the off season. Lifting weights was empowering for me.

Can you share with us how your background in musical theater and dance has influenced your coaching style and approach?

My dance teachers were incredibly strict and very hard on us, everything had to be intentional and perfect. They emphasized attention to detail, focus, and consistency. I remember hearing the phrase “how you perform is how you practice” and that stuck with me. As hard as I was pushed it, I always felt the hard work paid off and learned that you can truly be limitless if you’re willing to work for it. As a Coach I want the best from the athletes at Tone House so they can have that same feeling.

How has your experience in the performing arts shaped your understanding of discipline and teamwork in the fitness realm?

You need a team around you to push and support you, you won’t grow and learn on your own.

Your competitive spirit is evident in your podium finishes in events like Hyrox, Battlebunker, Turf Wars and Spartan. How do you balance coaching and your own competitive pursuits?

I wouldn’t know how to coach certain things without doing them myself. There’s certain things you just can’t learn from a textbook. I can’t coach someone running a marathon without experiencing the training myself. 

Coach Jojo using the orange bungees doing a chest press.

How do you stay updated on the latest fitness trends and incorporate them into your coaching methods?

I don’t believe in trends to be honest. Sometimes the simplest, least sexy methods are the best. There’s a lot of fluff on the internet. 

In your journey, both on and off the Turf, what have been the key lessons you’ve learned about health and wellness?

Mindfulness is the key to everything. Start small.

If you want to change you also need to get very uncomfortable. Can’t have one without the other. Make sure it’s enjoyable. 

Coach Jojo leading the class through the Warm-Up

What can athletes expect from you on the mic?


Do you have any words of advice for first time athletes?

Hype yourself up! Celebrate every win even if you feel it’s small. The ‘smallest’ wins are often the biggest.

It’s hard for everyone, you aren’t the only person struggling.

Start collecting a memory bank of every time you show up, every time you push through something hard etc. This way you can tap into that bank to remind yourself if you did it once you can do it again.

Have you hit the Turf with Coach Jojo yet? Check out her schedule and sign-up via your account today.

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