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Our Nutrition department has acquired a state of the art new way for athletes to take the guesswork out of their calorie expenditure. With the help of the Korr Reevue Indirect Calorimeter, athletes can accurately measure their resting energy expenditure. In a recent interview, we spoke with Tone House Athlete Billy Wang, who decided to take advantage of the Personal Metabolic Assessment (PMA) while training for Turf Wars. Billy shares his experience, insights gained from the results, and how he incorporated these findings into his training and nutrition planning.

Athlete’s experience with Personal Metabolic Testing

What made you decide to book the (PMA) at Tone House?

Billy: I came across the advertisement for the PMA in the Turf Wars emails. I had always wondered if I was accurately counting calories, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to find out. The chance to gain a deeper understanding of my metabolism and fine-tune my approach to nutrition.

Describe your experience doing the PMA – what was the process like?

Billy: The experience was comprehensive and enlightening. Ryan first asked about my goals and then explained the entire process. We began with measurements on a scale to establish a baseline. After that, we proceeded to the main PMA test using a tube. The best part was that the results printed out instantly, and Ryan went over my numbers with me. He provided a range for my calorie targets, which was incredibly helpful.

What did you learn from your results? How did you incorporate these findings into your training and nutrition planning?

Billy: I discovered that the data from my Apple Watch was overestimating my calorie burn by approximately 200 calories. This meant that I had been incorrectly budgeting my calorie intake. Armed with this newfound knowledge of my true calorie burn, I adjusted my eating habits to better target the caloric deficit I wanted to achieve. My training regimen remained the same as no adjustments were needed there.

Were there any surprises or big takeaways from your assessment?

Billy: Absolutely! One noteworthy revelation was that the data from my Apple Watch was relatively close to the PMA test, making it a good approximation. However, the devil lies in the details. The assessment helped explain why I wasn’t seeing as much progress as I had expected. My target of a 400-calorie deficit turned out to be only half of what it should have been. It’s surprisingly easy for an extra 200 calories can slip into our diets due to mistakes or miscounting. I was also surprised to learn that my weight loss zone required a 650-973-calorie deficit, which was significantly more than I had anticipated. Overall, the personalized information I received from the PMA was incredibly actionable and provided valuable insights for optimizing my fitness journey.

Don’t wait – Try Personal Metabolic Testing at Tone House

Personal Metabolic Testing at Tone House offers athletes like Billy Wang the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their metabolism and refine their approach to training and nutrition. Billy’s experience demonstrates the significance of accurate calorie counting and the impact it can have on achieving fitness goals. By incorporating the PMA results into his routine, he was able to make informed adjustments and optimize his caloric deficit, leading to better progress. With personalized information at their fingertips, athletes can unlock their full potential and enhance their performance on their fitness journey.

Athletes can book their Personal Metabolic Assessment from their Tone House account under NUTRITION services, which include a detailed assessment with Ryan Turner, RD, CSSD. Any questions about the machine or the process can be directed to

Interested in additional Nutrition services from our in-House Sports Dietitian, Ryan Turner, RD, CSSD? Schedule a complementary discovery call to discuss the apporach that works best for your goals.

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