Speed is one of the most important and dynamic aspects of athleticism. Getting faster requires the right technique, form and mechanics and our in-House speed experts, Coach Christi Marraccini and Coach Yusuf Jeffers, are here to provide some tips for your TURF WARS training and beyond.

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Coach Yusuf is a former collegiate Division 1 track and field athlete, competing in the 200m, the 400m and the relays and is currently the five-year Head Coach of a high school varsity track team that has produced several national level runners.




1. Foot strike.
Toe up/heel down will help prepare the foot to land on the balls of the feet and prevent breaking effect that happens when the toe is pointed down or the heel strikes the ground first.
2. Arm swing.
Keep arms bent with a 90-degree angle at the elbow during upswing and the backswing. Movement should happen through the shoulders and not at the elbows.
3. Upper body carriage.
The head and upper body should be in a neutral position remaining tall and relaxed with minimal amounts of movement.
4. Use the force.
Drive the knees up and down with force and avoid over-striding by keeping the foot strike under the hips.


Coach Christi started running track and field in high school to stay busy in the off season for swimming. Since her freshman year of high school, she has competed in both the winter and spring seasons of track and field all through college. She focused on the hurdles (55m/60m and 100m), the sprint relays and the high jump. Before Tone House, she was a high school and middle school track and field coach for four seasons.


1. Stay on your toes. 
When sprinting you want strike the ground on the balls of your feet. Keeping your foot dorsi-flexed will help to avoid that heel-toe pattern.

2. Drive your knees up.
Yes, you want to be striking the ground with force when sprinting. However, you also want to make sure you are driving those knees up aggressively for faster strides and quicker reaction times.

3. Keep your upper body relaxed.
Try to avoid tensing your upper body when sprinting – that includes your hands! Your arms are just as important as your legs when sprinting.

4. Run tall.
Out of your start is the only time you should be bent forward. When you are sprinting make sure you are upright, just like when your parents told you to sit up straight, and keep that core engaged!

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