By: Kay Rivera

Here at Tone House, we aim to Unleash the Inner Athlete in everyone. Thanks to Tone House Television, this means we can accomplish this for everyone, everywhere. 

Premiering in January, we created the Rookie Series for first-time athletes who are new to Strength and Conditioning training. Rookie Series’ leading Head Coach, Joe Rodonis, shares everything you need to know to get started:

What is the Rookie Series?

  • The Rookie Series is a 12 week, progressive strength & conditioning program.  This program is perfect for those new to training and want to build a strong foundation.  A progressive program means we start slow and build up over time.  We take time to master the basics and advance your skill set, methodically. 

How does it differ from other Tone House Television (TH-TV) workouts?

  • This is specifically catered for the beginner and we guide you along each week following a structured program.  So you know exactly which workouts to do and when to do them.  A program is designed with a specific goal in mind and this is a focused program to help you build a strong, athletic foundation. 

How do first-time athletes benefit from the Rookie Series?

  • You’re going to feel what it’s like to have structure in your training.  Training is about consistency and increasing difficulty/frequency over time.  It’s going to help you build a strong framework and create habits to carry into the future. 

For first-time athletes, what is the difference between “Strength” and “Conditioning” days?

  • Conditioning is training that’s focused on improving your cardiovascular levels. Also improving your work capacity and muscular endurance. These days move at a faster pace with limited rest periods. 

    Strength is about improving muscle strength and power.  During these sessions the weight we lift will increase, as well as the volume.  You’ll also have longer periods of time to rest between movements. 

Can seasoned athletes benefit from this programming? How so?

  • Absolutely. Seasoned athletes also need workouts that put you back in touch with the basics.  It can also be a great program to incorporate during lower intensity days in your training. 

How can Athletes keep track of their progress? 

  • You can download the Rookie Series calendar to keep track of your workouts and make sure you stay on pace.  Share your progress with a friend and hold each other accountable. 

Do you have any tips for athletes as they note an increased intensity of the workouts? 

  • You’re ready for it!  Remember that you want your training to have a challenging element to it.  If it doesn’t then we can’t get better and stronger.  Lean into it and learn to fall in love with the work! One of my favorite aspects of training is encountering a challenge, and finding a way to overcome it…helping to develop self-confidence. 

What should athletes do on their “off” days from the 12-week program? 

  • Rest days can be just as important as your training days.  They are NOT a day to fall back into bad habits with poor eating and no movement.  Days off are designed to allow your body to recover, so that you’re ready to perform at an even higher level during your next workout.  So eat nutritious foods, hydrate, and get great sleep.  You can absolutely exercise, but you may want to focus on lower intensity training. 

What should athletes expect as they near the end of the 12-week program? 

  • By the end of the program, you should be feeling strong and proud! To complete and honor a commitment for 12 weeks takes real dedication and focus so you should be proud of yourself.  You’ll notice your speed improving and your ability to work through sequences longer and faster than ever before. 

What should athletes do after they complete the 12 week program? 

  • Keep going! Training is not over after 12 weeks, this is a life-long journey.  Continue to elevate your training and improve yourself. 

    Dive into the library of Strength and Conditioning workouts on Tone House TV to challenge yourself.  You’ll be ready for it!  You can begin to structure your own weekly / monthly schedule.  Increase the frequency of your workouts to 4x a week, still mixing strength and conditioning. 

Ready to start the Rookie Series? Jump in at any time with a one-time purchase of $49.99 here. New workouts are added every week.

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