By: Kay Rivera

Stay-at-home fitness meets it’s match with this Athlete whose Tone House TV subscription has improved his overall health, physical strength, and wellbeing. 

Stay-at-home orders last March meant no in person training for a while. As difficult as it was to shut our doors, we wanted to ensure our Athletes stayed active and had access to Tone House style training, albeit not having access to the studio. After a few months of virtual Zoom classes, we were thrilled to unveil our virtual fitness platform, Tone House Television (TH-TV)

TH-TV provides Strength & Conditioning workouts, as well as Nutrition guidance you can watch at home, in the park, or in the gym. With the ease of access through desktop or app, TH-TV has allowed Athletes from around the world to Unleash Their Inner Athlete. 

Athlete Jason Duncan has not only brought croc walks and bear crawls into his home through TH-TV, he’s also seen measurable improvements to his fitness level as a result. He shares his experience below: 

Jason’s living room TH-TV set-up.
  • What is your athletic background?
    Football through high school & Rugby through college; weight lifted since 16, some CrossFit training and powerlifting. 
  • First Experience with Tone House?
    I was recommended by a friend of mine. I did attend one in-person conditioning session before the shutdown, a Friday Conditioning. It was an eye opening experience; despite me weightlifting for years, I realized how “out of shape” I really was in comparison to conditioning training.
  • Why did you choose to subscribe to Tone House TV?
    In the beginning of shutdown, I did contract the virus. I was ill for two weeks, followed by three weeks of fatigue. Due to falling ill with this particular virus, my lung capacity was very low. I participated in other virtual fitness classes to get into the swing of things, however I did not get what I wanted for cardio. That is when I discovered TH was doing virtual sessions through TH-TV. 
  • How have you incorporated TH-TV to your weekly fitness routine
    Throughout the pandemic TH-TV has been my main workout, carrying through the summer and the fall. Since gyms reopening, I have integrated TH-TV’s Conditioning alongside my weight lifting routine. 
  • What do you do to prepare for a TH-TV workout?
    I lay out my yoga mat, cast the videos to my tv from my phone, I have two 10 pound weights. That’s it! 
  • What kind of results have you seen since starting TH-TV?
    I gained back a lot of endurance and my lung capacity improved. I saw great results using TH-TV with shedding the weight gained from the beginning of the pandemic. I have been a weightlifter for most of my life. After doing TH-TV for a couple months and when gyms reopened, I was stronger than before the pandemic, even without using heavy weights. 

“After doing TH-TV for a couple months and when gyms reopened, I was stronger than before the pandemic, even without using heavy weights.”

-Jason duncan
  • What do you like most about TH-TV?
    What is important to me is the ability to do the workouts at any time. My schedule is during the time where most classes are as I work evenings. I enjoy that I can do the workout anywhere as I only need two dumbbells.

    I like that there are different video lengths. There are 15, 30, 45 minutes videos. If I feel like I can do the 30 minute workout with ease, I can increase the length interval and try out the 45 minute workouts. I also enjoy the style of workouts, as I am performing cardio and bodyweight exercises. I can kill two birds with one stone as I can get my cardio in while building endurance and muscle strength. 

    The workouts are intense, but I can do them at my own pace. Even if you are not in your top shape, you can still do the whole workout by taking moments to pause and catch yourself. The coaches are really great too! They are funny and casual which I enjoy. I have recommended TH-TV to a lot of people as it is a great way to build your shape back up at your own pace. 
  • What type of people do you think will benefit most from subscribing to Tone House Television? I think it is anybody who is afraid to go to a fitness class for any reason. If it is due to the pace of the classes and worried about not keeping up with everyone else,  it is not to be worried about with TH-TV. I also think people who have a chaotic schedule, or travel a lot,  and cannot find time in it to attend an in-person fitness class.

Ready to try Tone House TV for yourself? Take advantage of our New Year pricing and sign up today for either $19.99/month or $149 for the entire year.

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