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Stepping on the Turf can awaken different types of feelings. Some former Athletes feel a sense of identity that they lost once they stopped playing sports and others experience the spirit of an athletic team that they’ve never had. Training at the House fosters teamwork, sportsmanship, and friendly competition. Every year, Athletes get to compete against their teammates and friends in Turf Wars to claim the title of “Man and Woman of the House”. Turf Wars is a test of strength, endurance, and grit, but it also brings together everything you’ve learned on the Turf. Here are some helpful tips to help you perform at your best during each event:

SPEED: Every event is based on time/reps. The speed generated for each event (sprints, gallops, backwards up-downs, etc.) is going to be the deciding factor in whether you or the person next to you wins that particular heat. With that being said, an Athlete’s muscular/ cardiovascular conditioning is going to separate them from your competitor next to you. Every class is your chance to practice leading up to Turf Wars. Push your hardest every sprint, gallop, and sled push without reserving anything in the tank – because you won’t be going half-speed on May 19th!

POWER: To generate speed, your body needs to be able to generate power. Whether you’re lifting a sandbag, sprinting, performing push-ups, or galloping… the initial first couple reps/strides need to be powerful and explosive. Power and speed complement one another very well.

MOMENTUM & CONSISTENCY: When performing any move, momentum & consistency go hand in hand. Once the body slows down, it is hard to get back into a groove. This comes with not only being physically conditioned but mentally as well.With many of the things we do at the House, stopping to take a break actually makes it much harder than easier.  Remember, “the mind will tell the body to stop before the body does”. Keep your focus and don’t let anything stop you.

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Whether you win or lose, Turf Wars is about coming together as a community and showcasing all the hard work you put in on the Turf. Challenge yourself to train hard and accomplish your own goals.

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