model in Knot Standard x Rhone day to night attire
Loro Piana Silk Air Soft Jacket, Knot Standard Grey Crewneck Sweater, & Rhone Navy Commuter Pant

At 6 AM you’re on the Turf then off to work at 8 AM, followed by drinks with friends afterward. So you need pieces that are interchangeable and versatile that support your training, work, and social schedule. The good news is that with a little preparation, you can have everything you need to fit in a workout and keep your day running smoothly. A stylish man should want to be well-dressed no matter where he goes—even while doing drop-downs on the Turf. Freshen up your Spring wardrobe with these tips from Knot Standard to take you from the Turf to the office to happy hour with your friends:

  • The less structure your jacket has, the more casual it will be. Your must-have blazer is The Soft Jacket: The most casual is an unstructured chest with no shoulder pads and no lining. Not only does this allow the jacket to look more casual, it also helps it breathe better and makes it easier to travel with. An unstructured jacket is one that can be crumpled up like a shirt without the worry of damaging the lining, canvas, or jacket shape.
  • Once you have the suit you can embrace more casual aspects of the rest of your wardrobe. Wear loafers or monk straps and go sockless, ditch the tie or even wear the jacket with a T-shirt, embrace louder shirts, ties, belts, and socks.
  • Chino’s are a great option to keep you sharp looking from day to night. Fitted to flatter but loose enough to move around in, the slim fit chino is perfect for the active man who wants to maintain a high level of style. Often used in conjunction with a blazer, slim fit chinos are the perfect suit trouser replacement.
  • Shirt jacket: A lightweight garment that can be worn casually over a t-shirt or dress shirt during cooler days or as dusk sets in. This garment is completely handmade and ideal for travel.
  • An essential item for cool nights during Spring is a lightweight sweaterOur crewneck sweaters are woven with the finest yarns and finished by hand.

Being comfortable throughout the day is vital to the success of any man trying to conquer the day & night. Clothing that allows your body to move through the full range of motion gives the active man confidence to make it throughout the day. Knot Standard has created a bespoke luxury experience that is not only affordable but also perfect for the guy on the go.

John Ballay and Matt Mueller originally founded Knot Standard in Dubai in 2010. Headquartered in New York City, the company now has eight showrooms across the country in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, and Houston. The Company offers “digitally bespoke” menswear, including suits, blazers, shirts, trousers and casual wear utilizing premium fabrics, with a high service level offered by stylists at all of its locations. Customers can set appointments and customize garments directly on or visit New York City @ 19 West 24th Street, 2nd Floor.

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