It’s Super Bowl time. At the House that means we spend Super Bowl weekend training like football players. But to be honest, almost any day on the Turf you could find yourself doing drills that you’ll also find NFL-ers integrating into their strength and conditioning routines.

Here are a few football drills and moves that you’ll see at the House, especially the weekend of Feb. 4 & 5. Sign up for these football-inspired workouts at tonehouse.comand RSVP to our Super Bowl party in the lounge to


Who’s doing it: All-Pro RB Chris Johnson
Why we do it: Resistance speed drills help to improve sprint technique and stride length. To drive through the resistance, athletes must open up their hips to rapidly strike the ground with each stride.


Who’s doing it: All-Pro and Super Bowl champion Reggie Bush
Why we do it: The Dumbbell Push-Up-to-Row trains athletes to stabilize their core and control their body in space, which improves ability to stop on a dime and change direction. It also works on both strength and endurance simultaneously.


Who’s doing it: All-Pro LB NaVorro Bowman
Why we do it: Rather than isolating the triceps only, we double the benefits by performing triceps extensions on suspension training equipment, which forces athletes to stabilize their core for the duration of the exercise.


Who’s doing it: Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman
Why we do it: Athletes improve their quickness in different planes of motion by breaking down and changing direction with minimal decrease in speed.

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