Tone House’s annual Turf Wars is easily our entire Team’s most anticipated fitness competition of the year. Competitors face off on the competition field to test their athleticism across 10 events featuring Tone House’s most notable movements. Are you up for the challenge?

On this month’s Instagram Live of The Breakdown, Head Coaches Natalia and Zack discuss all things Turf Wars.


For athletes who are nervous about taking on Turf Wars solo, the Doubles format is the perfect, more accessible option. With Doubles Teams, athletes can pick and choose the events they’re good at, and have their partner handle the ones they’re not so good at. One athlete will take 4 events, and the other will take 5. Both athletes must complete the Wild Card.

“If you’re someone who’s a little bit faster, more conditioned, and you have a partner who’s a little bit stronger, there you go. You have both of the things that you really need” says Coach Zack.

Doubles Teams will need to select which events each partner is doing beforehand, in a form sent out in mid-May. One of you will complete 4, and the other 5 (you’ll both do the wild card) so strategize wisely!

“Not only is it a good opportunity to pick and choose the events that you know you’re going to excel at, but there’s a lot more rest time with doubles” Coach Natalia states. For those who feel less conditioned and may need more rest to recover after an event, the Doubles division may be for you!


All competitors will receive a guaranteed competition tank, training tights, sports bra for our Ladykillers, a voucher for Turf shoes, along with accessory items in their kit. A sizing form went out last week- please check your inbox and provide your sizes if you haven’t yet! The deadline to register is MAY 15TH to guarantee preferred sizing for your apparel!


As the clinics are in full swing, we’ve been deep diving into the mechanics of each individual Turf Wars event. Our clinics move outdoors starting Saturday 4/29 for SPRINTS with Coach Yusuf. The outdoor Turf gives athletes the chance to practice the competition distance before Game Day. By practicing the competition distance, athletes can better understand the pacing and strategy needed to perform well at a distance much longer than the studio.

“We really want to make sure that people feel what they will be feeling the day of Turf Wars. We will mimic the muscle fatigue you are going to feel after a certain distance” Coach Zack references.

The clinics are a great way to fine-tune your skills and get into competition mode.

As Coach Zack states, “We’re going to be focusing on things like range of motion, what type of exercises will improve your movement patterns in gallops, runners, or backwards up downs with the proper mechanics.”

In addition to the clinics, athletes are advised to thoughtfully design their class schedules to optimally train for specific Turf Wars events. Here is a graphic that shows which classes are recommended for each event:


Anyone who wants to test their fitness in a fun, supportive environment! Turf Wars is a great way to challenge yourself, push your limits, and see what you’re capable of. The atmosphere is always electric, and the support from your fellow competitors is unparalleled.

“You don’t have to be coming to Tone House regularly to sign up. No matter if you’ve been to Tone House or not, you are going to be welcomed and you are going to be in the community. The community is what gets you there and keeps you going,” Coach Zach enthusiastically states.


The registration price for Turf Wars will increase to $300 soon, so be sure to register before May 1st to save on registration and lock in your competitor uniform.

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