RD Ryan Turner breaks down what to expect in your one on one session.

Ryan Turner, RD, CSSD:

When I played lacrosse in high school and into college my coaches would always remind me to keep my head on a swivel. I needed to stay on high alert as our team defended our side of the field and then as we attacked the other team’s net, to move the ball around and keep ahead of the defense. This is what made lacrosse fun, any sport I’d argue. Not knowing what was coming next, the ever changing environment, shifting game strategies, the need for heightened alertness, and staying on your toes – it was all so wonderfully intense. 

Nutrition on the other hand does not need to be this – nutrition is not as hard as it’s made out to be, honestly. Remaining forever alert and forever shifting strategies is a recipe for burnout. If you feel you need to be on alert in what feels like an ever changing landscape of new diets, if you have your head on a swivel at all times, you may be overcomplicating it. This may be the reason you’re not making the progress you deserve. 

This is where a Sports Dietitian can help. Through evidence based nutrition and professional experience it’s easy for us to clear the field for you and get you moving toward your goal in the most confident and efficient way possible. 

12 Ways Your Sports Dietitian Can Support Your Performance, Mindset, & Body Comp Goals:

  1. Understand your personalized energy, macronutrient & micronutrient needs
  2. Get clear on how to turn your calories and macros into real food
  3. Transform calories & macros into practical and sustainable meal planning
  4. Uncover gaps in and gain confidence in you current food and lifestyle choices
  5. New training cycles & lifestyle transitions require a different set of energy & macros
  6. Discuss safe and appropriate supplementation for your health and your training goals
  7. Consistency & accountability for your goals – time to measure up and discuss progress
  8. Body composition scan with the InBody 570 (recommended monthly or bimonthly)
  9. Understand and control binge and emotional eating behaviors
  10. Break through stagnation – reset your mindset around unsustainable goals and habits
  11. Dispel nutrition myths and fads that may be sabotaging your mindset and progress
  12. Discuss lab work (cholesterol, blood sugar, etc), food allergies and intolerances

What’s involved in a 60-75 minute single session?

  • InBody scan for starting body composition status (recommend reviewing monthly)
  • Nutrition & Health Assessment: review of relevant medical history, blood labs, lifestyle habits, and current food choices
  • Personalized calories & macros set
  • Meal planning and mindset strategies
  • Supplementation recommendations
  • Weekly & Bi-weekly coaching options available for accountability and long term success

If your goal is to get faster, stronger, leaner, and healthier, let’s get your head off a swivel. Set up a single session now so you can keep yourself focused. Move toward your goal confidently by knowing you’re doing what’s right for you individually. 

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