By: Director of Sports Nutrition Ryan Turner, RD, CSSD

EO3 Multi Nutritional Smoothie

You may have noticed a new addition to our recovery fridge. Our new EO3 Multi-Nutritional Smoothie is a post workout power punch – packing multiple benefits all in one tasty bottle. Hear from Ryan Turner on why we chose EO3 as the perfect option to grab when you’re fresh off the Turf. And yes, it tastes like a smoothie.


Without a post-workout nutrition plan you’re holding yourself back. Many of us drink water (maybe), find protein (possibly), and include beneficial carbohydrate sources (questionable) in our post workout meals, but is there any other way to support your muscle recovery for the workout you just put your body through?

The new ready to drink EO3 smoothie is made with 100% Pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil delivering 1600mg of EPA + DHA omegas, with 20 grams of whey protein, and the anti-inflammatory benefits of other recovery beverages like tart cherry juice. It’s three recovery benefits in one!

Generally, recovery involves the four R’s:

R – refuel with carbohydrate

R – repair with protein

R – rehydrate with fluid

R – rest

Once you have your recovery nutrition foundation taken care of, again, is there anything else to include to boost recovery further? 

Yes. Omega 3.

Food sources of Omega 3 include eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Fatty fish and seafood are the predominant sources of EPA and DHA. Plant based foods provide ALA and are more common, though the majority of performance and health benefits related to Omega 3 has been associated with EPA and DHA. We should include ALA food choices in our diet, however only about five percent of the ALA consumed converts into EPA and less than 1 percent of EPA converts into DHA. This emphasizes the value of incorporating fish and seafood, of supplemental sources, into an athlete’s diet.

Health & Performance Benefits of Omega 3 EPA/DHA:

🔥 Reduce systemic inflammation and oxidative stress

🧠 Support health and development of the brain and eyes

💪🏼 Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness

❤️ Support cardiovascular, immune and mental health

With that said, DHA + EPA, not only speeds your workout recovery by managing inflammation and enhancing muscle recovery to boost your gains and help you hit new athletic goals, but are also beneficial  for cardiovascular, brain, joint, eye and skin health. Choose to eat a 3-4 oz serving of fatty fish 2-4 x/week and you can get the 2-4 grams of Omega 3 that can be beneficial for an active body. If that’s challenging for you to do – there is a solution…

…that’s where EO3 comes in. EO3 is an Omega-3 Enhanced ready to drink beverage with 20 grams whey protein along with antioxidants for further recovery from berries and apples. We now keep it available for our athletes at the House to support them getting back on the Turf, training for their goals, and improving overall health while we’re at it.

Include EO3 in your post workout recovery routine to take your training to the next level. 

More questions on the right supplement choices for you? Schedule a complimentary call with Ryan here to learn about the nutrition counseling services we offer.

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