What happens when you add a prescribed nutrition plan to regular Tone House training.

When it comes to making visible changes to your body composition, nutrition is often the tricky piece for athletes. Even with a regular training schedule, if your eating habits aren’t fueling your body properly, it’s going to be harder to get those desired aesthetic (and performance) results.

This was true for Stefan Schmid when he moved to New York from Switzerland six months ago and discovered Tone House. Stefan, like many of us, thought he was ‘eating healthy’ and had a good grasp on his nutrition routine. He took ~3 Tone House classes a week, but often felt fatigued and frustrated by his low energy levels on the Turf.

Stefan decided to make a change and get serious about his nutrition. He booked a consultation with in-House Sports Dietitian Ryan Turner on January 2nd, 2019, and started following Ryan’s personalized nutrition plan designed around his goals. Six weeks later, his body had transformed.

From August through December I was taking 3 classes per week, but I often felt tired with a longer recovery period. My goal from the beginning was to get ripped, so I started paying attention to my nutrition and often just had ‘light’ food, which I thought was the right thing to do. In class, I always felt fatigued and had very little explosivity, which was frustrating and I could never take more than 3 classes a week.

This changed completely when I booked my first nutrition session with Ryan on Jan 2nd, when I started with a body fat composition of 20.2%. Ryan was very supportive from the beginning, he took the time to listen and understand my goals, and then developed a tailored nutrition plan for me. It made me realize how counterproductive my previous approach to nutrition was. For instance, I never had enough snacks with me, so I either waited until lunchtime to eat (often just a salad) or I bought a chocolate bar as I was craving for something. I was not providing my body with the required energy to excel in class.

Stefan Schmid Before Photo
BEFORE PHOTO: January 2nd, 2019

Once I incorporated Ryan’s nutrition plan into my daily life, I quickly felt more energetic in class with less recovery required. I started doing 5 classes a week, which were still very challenging, but I was very motivated and felt great. It was helpful that even outside of our sessions Ryan checked my nutrition log, asked how I was feeling and gave me very helpful recommendations in case I was facing challenges. We met every two weeks for a progress check and he always asked the right questions and offered me support. I wouldn’t be where I am now without him.

Stefan Schmid After Photo
AFTER PHOTO: February 18th, 2019

After 6 weeks I reduced my body fat from 20.2% to 13.7% and my abs are starting to show, which makes me very happy. I still have a bit to go to achieve my ultimate goal of 10%, but with Ryan and Tone House’s support, I will definitely get there.

I have tried for the past 8 years to get my body fat percentage this low but always failed, even though I thought I worked out hard and ate healthy. I always thought ‘why should I spend a couple of hundred dollars for nutrition, as long as I eat healthy and have a few protein shakes?’

I am so glad that I finally decided, after so many years of failure, to invest in nutrition. Spending money on fitness but still not achieving your goals is frustrating, and the solution of incorporating nutrition services is so simple. It was one of my best investments!

Now, I see food in a different way and have a much better awareness of what calories I need to consume to perform not just in class but also in my daily life (work, leisure, etc). I know I can achieve my goals with the right level of professional support, and Ryan has been a big contributor to it. I’m very happy that Tone House has such a great guy on their team.

I want to say a big thank you to Tone House and the great people you have: Ryan, Dr. Kam, and the trainers, especially Alexis, Alex and Solomon, who always motivate me and push me to my limit.”

-Stefan Schmid

Ready to get serious about your nutrition, and see results like Stefan? Email ryan.turner@tonehouse.com to set up your complimentary assessment.

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