Meet the #LADYKILLERS who will be representing Tone House in this year’s D10 competition on Saturday, June 8th, 2019: Alexis Dreiss, Laura Zimmerman, Lulu Faria, and Kerry Ojeda.

The D10 is an annual physical competition that showcases New York City’s finest athletes, so naturally, we’re coming for the number one spot this year. The competition takes place on Saturday, June 8th, 2019 and gives participants an opportunity to showcase their athleticism in support of pediatric cancer research.

Each team is responsible for not only competing in a series of athletic events, but also reaching a fundraising goal that supports the Pediatric Oncology Experimental Therapeutics Investigator’s Consortium (POETIC) directed by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Help our ladies reach their fundraising goal, and they’ll take care of the sprints, jumps, and pull-ups.

Coach Alexis as a competitor at Turf Wars 2018
Photos by: @Photoherby

Alexis Dreiss, a professional dancer turned heavy lifter + Tone House Coach who brings the heat on the mic.

“My week usually consists of 3 Tone House classes, 3 days of lifting, 1 ballet class, a hot yoga thrown in here and there, and boxing on Tuesdays. I grew up dancing and I gravitate towards anything that is specific and tests my boundaries.”

Laura Zimmerman posing with her Turf Wars 2018 Champion medal

Laura Zimmerman, 2017 World Cup Winner with USA Women’s National Lacrosse, plus two-time Turf Wars Champion

Laura currently plays in the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League. She trains primarily at Tone House, as well as other HIIT training studios in NYC.


Lulu warming up before competition

Lulu Faria, an avid CrossFitter and Tone House 5 am OG

“I love anything that keeps me moving. CrossFit is my main squeeze, Tone House is to humble and improve my athletic skills and yoga to keep me swole and flexy”

Kerry Ojeda, Physical Therapist, and Tone House regular

“For fitness, I train at Tone House and I program myself with a medley of Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and weight training exercises. I do physical therapy weekly plus I enjoy creating my own speed and plyometric workouts.”

Support our ladies and the D10 mission by kicking off our fundraising efforts here.

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