ESPN the magazine is releasing the 10th-anniversary edition of “The Body Issue” highlighting the diversity of Athletes’ physiques. And just like the House, “The Body Issue” celebrates a wide range of different body types across sports and challenges societal norms of what it means to look like “an Athlete”. After all, anyone can look the part – but when it comes down to it, can you count on your body to help you perform at your peak on the field, Turf, court or arena? And can you love your body for being able to do that for you, even when it may not always be what others deem to be “perfect”?

Here at Tone House, we believe that every individual has the capacity to be like the Athletes they admire, and to train like them. Our team comes from many different backgrounds; former collegiate athletes, dancers, finance & tech, soccer moms, and even professional athletes. No matter what size or shape you are: if you have a body, you’re an Athlete.

Maybe a few of the Athletes you admire are in this year’s issue, like Saquon Barkley (Running back, New York Giants), Adam Rippon (Olympic Figure Skater), Charlotte Flair (WWE Wrestler) and many more.

Image Source: ESPN The Magazine / Hana Asano
Image Source: ESPN The Magazine / Hana Asano

“When I started to get good at sports and when I started hitting the ball really far, that’s when my body image changed. I loved what my body was doing for me on the field, and that started to translate off the field.”


~ Lauren Chamberlain (Infielder, USSSA Pride All-time NCAA home run leader)

The 10th annual ESPN Body Issue is now featured online and will be available on newsstands June 29.

Check out Lauren Chamberlain’s full ESPN Interview HERE

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