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Summer is officially upon us. The summer months are generally a time for traveling and taking part in fun outdoor activities. This time of the year can also represent a drop in a consistent training routine. As the summer months progress, it is important not to forget the value of consistent recovery. Here are my top 5 protocols to prevent injuries and help maintain your strength/endurance on and off the Turf.

1)    Localized Compression

Localized compression is the first choice an Athlete should consider when trying to do recovery on his/her own. Compression with tools, such as the Theragun or pain pill benefits our body by causing “perfusion” which occurs after we remove a pressure stimulus from the surface of our skin. Perfusion causes an increase in blood flow which in turn helps remove toxins such as lactic acid, and allows our muscles, fascia, ligaments, and tendons to become more pliable.

2)    Stretching (static)

It is well established that static stretching should be performed after physical activity, as opposed to before. However, in this case, the benefits of static stretching are being applied such that muscle length retention will help us prevent injury. Less generalized tension in our bodies will have us feeling more relaxed from potential sporadic training routines.

3)    Stretching (dynamic)

Dynamic stretching should be performed with the intention of improving muscular endurance with active motion. Active motion coupled with a stretch helps us mobilize joints and improve our overall range of motion and feel more limber.

4)    Ice

Ice therapy helps us prevent injury by “cooling” our body. In the heat of the summer, our body temperature is generally higher which can cause generalized inflammation and slow our healing processes. 8-10 minutes of ice in the cold tub can help reduce that inflammation and restore balance in our body.

5)    Heat

Although the warmth of the summer can bring enough heat to our bodies, applying external heat (such as 8-10 minutes of a heat pack) can help us remain supple and fresh before physical activity and complement using other protocols such as compression or stretching.

These 5 recovery protocols should be applied once per week on a different body part each day. 8-10 minutes per day is effective and efficient to prevent injuries help maintain appropriate conditioning for Tone House, even if a short hiatus is taken.

Kam Recovery Tips

Consistency is the key when programming recovery – attacking one body part at a time can help simplify that program!

Always remember, you are stronger than you think you are. Making the time for the right recovery methods will help you continue to strive for that greatness.

Yours in health,

Dr. Kam

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