Lights. Camera. Action. The NFL returns to the center stage next weekend. Pre-season conditioning is over and now it’s time for the teams to put their skills to the test. Here at Tone House, we are just getting warmed up. As the summer cools down and the fall creeps in, we’re bringing the gridiron conditioning that these pro athletes have been doing into the House for a weekend of football-inspired workouts.

Here are some moves to prepare you to unleash your inner athlete on the Tone House Turf.


Lateral Shuffles

yusuf side lateral gif

Lateral shuffles help athletes of all levels improve multi-directional speed and movement. At Tone House this exercise is important for success during the warm-up and also throughout class.

Lateral shuffles primarily work the muscles in your glutes, hips and thighs.


yusuf on start line


Sprints training is the most explosive movement you can do. It helps to burn calories while reviving up the metabolism, which helps to burn fat. At the House you can expect to put your speed to the test.

Perfect your sprints through repetition and proper form.

Box Jumps

yusuf box jumps gif

Box Jumps build explosive power, trains your fast twitch muscle fibers, and makes you more athletic. TH Coaches want explosive athletes on the Turf, and box jumps are a great way to train this quality.


yusuf pushups gif

The perfect push-up can challenge even the fittest of athletes. This move is essential to building a strong chest and toned upper body. Push-ups come in handy at Tone House when you need strength to push through #UpperBodyFocusDay.

Want to put your skills to the test like an NFL athlete? Join us September 9th and 10th for NFL inspired workouts. These training sessions will involve drills and moves that NFL-ers use to improve speed, strength, and explosiveness on the field. Are you ready for some football?




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