By: Kay Rivera

At Tone House, our Conditioning classes are known for pushing even seasoned athletes to their limits, but many Rookie athletes are intimidated by our reputation. Contrary to popular belief, our programming is accessible to athletes of all levels, and we are here to debunk some of the most common myths surrounded our infamous Conditioning workout.

MYTH: Conditioning is only for elite athletes.

FACT: Tone House Conditioning is designed for athletes of all skill levels.

We offer three levels of Conditioning classes, including Intro, Intermediate, and Advanced, so that athletes can choose the level that best suits their needs. Intro is a great place to start for those who are new to high-intensity sports conditioning, while Advanced is our signature workout that challenges even the most seasoned athletes.

Our Coaches remind athletes in any level of Conditioning that rest is necessary. Just like any sport, you get tired and require time to catch your breath. If you are feeling winded, take a time out; breathe deeply, and hydrate. Jump back in when you are ready!

MYTH: The Warm-Up is harder than most workouts.

FACT: The Warm-Up is tough, but it prepares you for the rest of the class.

Our Warm-Up is carefully designed to get your heart rate up and your muscles firing, so that you’re ready for the rest of the workout to come. The Warm-Up takes athletes through different planes of motion; including forward, lateral, and level changing to engage all parts of the body to prepare for the session. Don’t worry if you can’t move through all the movements – there are modifications for each part of the Warm-Up that will get your body just as ready.

MYTH: I have to be fit already for Tone House Conditioning.

FACT: The Law of Specificity suggests that in order to get better at something you have to do it.

In order to get better at Tone House Conditioning, you have to partake in Tone House Conditioning. The more you expose yourself to our training style, the better you’ll get at it. Everyone feels a bit awkward and unsure of themselves on their first class, and even seasoned athletes report feelings of nervousness before jumping on the Turf. You will be challenged physically and mentally, but the only way for you to get better is through coming in, practicing, and building your endurance. Remember, even our most OG athletes are challenged in our classes, so you’ll never be the only one struggling. It never gets easier, but you’ll witness yourself getting better at it!

Do we have you interested? Are you looking for a challenge and training like your favorite athlete? Where do you start?

Purchase a Rookie Pass to get two classes for the price of one. This offer is a perfect way to try out our classes offerings.

Where to start with Conditioning if you’re:

    • INTRO TO CONDITIONING – offered Saturdays at 9 AM or Sundays at 11 AM
    • 1x/week, and add a Strength class to build upon our 360-approach to training.
    • INTERMEDIATE CONDITIONING – this will be challenging, but doable for those with regular
    • ~2x/week, incorporate a few Strengths sessions.
    • ADVANCED CONDITIONING – even for the most advanced athletes, many are surprised by the intensity of the class. Rookies are not permitted to start in Advanced class, but you may move up after taking an Intermediate if you choose.

We encourage new athletes to try both our Strength & Conditioning class formats. Take this quiz to determine how you should stack your Strength & Conditioning sessions based on your unique fitness goals. View our schedule for all our class offerings.

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