By: Kay Rivera

TFRT 2022 is more than halfway done. Our athletes just completed their midway InBody scans, and are excited to see their final results in upcoming weeks.

One of our challenge competitors, Taylor Jackson, has shown great improvements in energy and mindset which has been reflected in her performance. The challenge has allowed her to evaluate her past habits to build effective and healthy ones.

Read more of Taylor’s experience below:

In what ways has the TFRT challenged you?

The TFRT challenge has challenged me, obviously physically, but also a lot mentally. Before starting this I had a distorted perception of fitness and nutrition where I would work out for an excess amount of hours while not eating enough because that is how I thought [fitness] worked. So the main challenge here has been the mental challenge, while breaking those habits and distorted mindsets. Once I realized that I am allowed to eat and I don’t have to push by body that hard, it’s become a lot easier.

TJackson High Push

How have your nutrition habits changed since starting the challenge?

My nutrition habits have changed by eating so much more protein. Before starting this, I was afraid to eat protein, because I thought it would make you more bulky. But now I am eating enough that I do not feel like I am restricting myself. Or I am not hungry. I am not snacking because I am eating more protein. That is my nutritional takeaway; do not be afraid of protein because it honestly makes you workout better, feel more energized, and helps avoid any restrictions.  

What has been the process working with Ryan? What have you been tracking with your nutrition? 

Working with Ryan has been really educational and informative. He really looks at my specific body and what I need maintain, lose body fat, increase muscle mass, from what I’m eating and to how I am working out. So we’ve really been tracking protein intake, fiber intake, which I really wasn’t doing before, and I’ve feel a lot better. In regard to calories, I don’t count calories because it is not how I work. But working with Ryan, instead of specifically counting every single calorie, at the end of the day, I know that range that I am in, and what I need to be in, in order to decrease my body fat and increase my muscle mass.  

TJackson Sled Walk Back

In regard to training, what have your weeks been looking like?

My training has been about three to four Strength training sessions, whether it be at Tone House, or at the regular gym and then I try to do at least one Conditioning class at Tone House. On my off days, or a rest day, I may go to the gym to do incline walks. Nothing crazy. 

Have you noticed any improvement on the Turf since starting the challenge? Or in your day-to-day life?

I’ve seen a lot of improvement on the Turf. My first class ever was a Friday morning Pure Conditioning, and it might have been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It was scary and terrifying but after I finished, I felt very empowered and more motivated to come back and work out more. And since then, I been doing more Conditioning and Strength classes, I seen my endurance has increased by 1,000%, and I’m more excited to work out. And to be honest, with eating right, and exercising daily, I’m sleeping better and I never used to sleep. I can wake up early and I already have that natural energy. 

How has the overall experience with the TFRT been so far? Any words of encouragement for athletes wishing to hit their nutrition and fitness goals? 

Some advice I have for athletes looking to change their fitness routines, it sounds so cliché, but do not be afraid to try different things or things that you are afraid of. For example, not only fitness, I was afraid to try the Conditioning class, but now, I did it and I keep coming back. Or I am adding more protein. Before starting the challenge, I thought protein made you bulky, or made you gain weight.  But I tried it, with the help of Ryan, and it has helped me so much. All in all, do not be afraid to try things that you are afraid to do.

Stay tuned for our final TFRT winners announcement coming the first week of April!

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