By: Kay Rivera

Tone House TV’s Rookie Series has made its 2022 comeback with Season 2! This time being led by our new Head Coach to hit the Turf, Natalia Perez-Segnini

Returning by popular demand, the Rookie Series, which first premiered in January 2021, is a 12 week, progressive Strength and Conditioning program which takes the time to build a strong foundation and master the basics over its course.

The progressive program is meant to start slow, and evolve as the season progresses, as athletes begin to develop endurance, speed, and strength to complete a full speed workout. 

The Rookie Series is specifically designed for new athletes, or the Rookie! With the helpful assistance of Coach Natalia, Rookies are guided step by step to build proper structure of their skill set and form. The Rookie Series welcomes all athletes, at any fitness level, including more seasoned athletes that might want to touch base to their basics or who are looking for a lower intensity training. 

The Rookie Series is meant to be followed in order, starting with Week 1, Day 1. This allows for Rookies to easily follow along, week by week, with no questions of which workouts to do and when to do them. The structure is great for first time athletes to keep consistency in their training to note their improvements by end of the season.

Each week’s workouts are split into two types, Strength and Conditioning: 

  • Strength: focuses on improving muscle strength and power. During these sessions the weight lifted will increase, as well as the volume.  You’ll have longer periods of time to rest between movements. Dumbbells or anything weighted is recommended.
  • Conditioning: training that’s focused on improving your cardiovascular levels, meaning increasing your heart rate and keeping it elevated. Conditioning also improves work capacity and muscular endurance. These days move at a faster pace with limited rest periods. Keep your water bottle close!

We ask leading #Ladykiller herself, Coach Natalia, of tips and expectations below:

Do you have any tips for athletes as they note an increased intensity of the workouts? My biggest tip is to lean into the idea of being uncomfortable. You’ve probably heard this before, but growth doesn’t live in your comfort zone. It lives in those uncomfortable moments; the moments where you want to quit but you don’t. The increased intensity shouldn’t catch you by surprise because it’s incremental and programmed with intention. Make sure to celebrate your small wins. Each completed workout is a win worth celebrating my book! 

What should athletes expect with themselves as they near the end of the 12-week program?Athletes should expect an increase in their overall movement confidence. A 12-week program is a commitment, and working through that commitment is sure to boost your confidence with fitness and just in life. What you do and how you think throughout this program has the potential to leak into other areas of your life, if you let it. 

What should athletes do on their “off” days from the 12-week program?Rest!! Fuel your body appropriately, drink all the water, and continue to celebrate your small wins! If you are itching to continue to move your body, I get it…a restorative practice like yoga or a stretching-based class could be beneficial. Or, even a light run could prove to be very helpful for your overall cardiovascular stamina (which will help considerably with your conditioning and strength workouts).  

What should athletes do after they complete the 12 week program? Celebrate! You just did the damn thing! But remember: consistency is literally everything. After 12 weeks of work, you might think that it’s time to call it quits, but it would be wise to think again. You have such a solid foundation built now that you’ve completed the program, so let’s build on that! You can check out the plethora of workout content in our standalone strength/conditioning workouts on Tone House TV. Or, if you’re local to NYC, it might be time to come to the studio for an in-person class. **If you want to work with me directly, we can chat about personal training (in-person or virtual)!**

Get day one of the Rookie Series Season 2 started today! You can purchase the season or access it from your TH-TV subscription. 

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