By: Kay Rivera

This former D1 collegiate soccer player uses Tone House strength sessions to take her lifts to the next level.

We were ecstatic to see our athletes return in person on the outdoor Turf for Conditioning, after a few months of only seeing each other virtually. It’s no surprise that we’re thrilled to have athletes back in the House when we introduced our NEW Strength sessions. 

Completing Tone House’s 360 approach to Athletic training, our Strength program compliments our Conditioning program with ease by building: skeletal muscle mass, muscular endurance, as well as better body mechanics both on and off the Turf. 

Strength sessions are guided by our knowledgeable Coaches, providing seasoned lifters and barbell beginners instructed guidance to ensure Athletes are getting the most out of their training. 

Chelsea flexing after an Upper Body session.

Tone House Athlete & LadyKiller Chelsea Ryan has incorporated Strength sessions into her regular fitness routine. She shares her experience below:

Fitness/Athletic Background: D1 Collegiate Women’s Soccer; regularly participates in fitness activities weekly.

How long have you been coming to Tone House? Since July 2020; first outdoor Turf training, joining the indoor Strength sessions in September. 

How have you been utilizing Tone House’s new STRENGTH sessions to your regular fitness routine? 

It’s been completely addictive. I noticed right away how my performance in some of the other workouts I do: spinning, running, boxing; vastly increased. I try to go [to Strength Sessions] once a week right now, on top of the Conditioning outdoor sessions.

What was your experience, if any, lifting prior to Tone House’s STRENGTH sessions? I started lifting in High School, and became regular at it in college. Part of being on the soccer team was being required to lift. I stopped since I graduated, about 6 years out. But I did have a robust experience of [lifting] growing up and while being a collegiate athlete. 

Have you learned anything new in STRENGTH sessions? I have actually learned a lot more about form! I started to notice that some of the form approaches that I learned in school were not what I was seeing around me in Strength sessions. The [Coaches] have been incredibly knowledgeable in helping me understand the “how-to” [in lifting]. It’s been a re-learning process I would say. There is new science around it with what we are supposed to do; I remember there being some [prior] generic rules that do not seem to apply anymore. I am having to relearn form and it has been helpful because every question that I have, a [Coach] is knowledgeable about it, can answer [those questions], and help instruct me, which is what you want [in strength training].

What were your expectations going into your first STRENGTH session? How have they carried out? I honestly did not know what to expect! I already knew that I loved the environment and the culture of Tone House; the type of workout, lifting, and with a Coach leading the session. It is one of the hours I look forward to every week. It’s very visceral in how much my body immediately changed with lifting and how much my performance has increased in other things. Not only in the Strength sessions with how much weight I can move, but outside of these sessions being able to go for longer runs or do the Conditioning sessions at a much faster pace.

Which is your favorite Strength session focus, upper or lower body? Any reason why? Lower body; because I am a soccer player, my strength and power come from my legs.

What do you wish to accomplish by partaking in regular Strength sessions? 

My prioritized focus is being strong and healthy. The human body is exceptional, the way I can continue to grow in strength and performance is incredible. What I look to accomplish is to continue to challenge myself in this fitness realm, particularly in Strength sessions. These indoor sessions have given me the platform to grow. It’s very approachable. If you are going to a normal gym; you don’t know what to do, how much to lift. For me, it is about becoming more aware of what I am capable of doing and trying to push that limit.

Do you have any words of advice for someone who wishes to start attending regular STRENGTH sessions? 

Don’t let the idea of not knowing what it is or what to expect if you never experienced lifting before keep you from attending. The Coaches and the people who attend the sessions are your ultimate cheerleaders. You’ll feel supported. You’ll feel guided through every step of the way. Anyone will walk out of a session feeling stronger so there should not be any apprehension for attending your first time. You will definitely feel lifted up, literally and metaphorically, upon leaving. 

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