Fundamentals At the core of the Tone House movement training philosophy is the mission to help people of all walks of life and fitness levels experience what it’s like to Train Like an Athlete. Those who had the opportunity to play sports growing up will recognize elements of our program as reminiscent of their team practice days  – from the agility drills to the overall sense of camaraderie that we strive to create on the Turf. 

But for those who weren’t heading to a team practice after school every day, our style of training may be completely foreign. Most of the general population may not know what driving your knees up means, or what it feels like to drop your chest to the deck and pop back up. 

That’s where our new INTRO class level comes in. We’ve broken down our signature Tone House training program into digestible segments that teach you proper running mechanics, how to move your body in functional ways with proper form and technique, and other staples of the Tone House workout at a slower and more manageable pace. 

INTRO is for the person who is just starting out on a fitness routine, the athlete coming back from a hiatus or injury, or any regular athlete who wants to tune up their form and get a refresher on the basics. For our current athletes who have friends that may be intimidated by our workout and aren’t ready to jump in an INTERMEDIATE, INTRO is a great place for them to start. 

“If you’re intimidated to try Tone House, or have tried it before and it was too fast-paced, Fundamentals is the class for you. If you’ve been sitting at a desk and haven’t moved in a long time, if you’re overweight and want to make a healthy change, or if you’ve tried other classes out there and didn’t feel challenged enough, this is the option for you,” explains Founder Alonzo Wilson.

We believe everyone should be able to Unleash Their Inner Athlete, no matter where their starting line is. 

Sign up for INTRO with a Rookie Pass or from your regular training package.  

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