La Colombe Cold BrewWe all need that pre-class jolt of energy to get ready to attack a Tone House class. Now you can grab a La Colombe Cold Brew coffee when you check in for class at the House for a pre-workout buzz that will have you ready to attack the warm-up with your knees up and energy high.

Each can of cold brew contains 180mg of caffeine. If you’re wondering why we chose a cold brew as our preferred pre-class energy source, our Sports Dietitian Ryan Turner of Food is Fuel NYC has the answers.

“We all have a nutrition routine before hitting the Turf and coffee may be a usual part of yours. Caffeine from natural food sources before high intensity and endurance training can increase coordination, focus, concentration, and training intensity,” says Turner.

“Generally 200-400 mg is associated with performance improvement in endurance training and sustained high intensity training with consecutive high intensity bouts lasting longer than 90 seconds. Perceived exertion (how challenging the workout feels) can be reduced during resistance training by caffeine consumption as well, which equals longer training sessions. Along with that, perception of fatigue is lowered in higher training intensities. More specifically, simply consuming 1.0 – 2.5 mg of caffeine per pound, 20-60 minutes before training shows safe benefits. La Colombe Cold Brew offers up about 180 mg per serving, equivalent to 2 1/4 cups of brewed coffee,” says Turner.

If caffeinating before a workout is new for you, we recommend starting with a smaller dose (a third or a half a can) to see how it feels and adjust accordingly.

“With caffeine more isn’t always better. Remember that every athlete will metabolize caffeine differently, so experiment with different amounts during training to help you understand how this can benefit you.”

Aside from the extra energy it provides, it’s delicious. Grab one from the desk this week and let us know what you think.

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