For Piotr, Arnold, Joana, and Rachel, the last 60+ days have consisted of early morning dates with the Turf, weekly check-ins with Tone House Recovery Specialist Dr. Kamraan Husain and Sports Dietitian Ryan Turner, a diet consisting of almost entirely of Tone House Fuel, and a whole lot of gallops, sprints, and bear crawls.

We followed the journeys of these four featured athletes through our 2019 Train, Fuel, Recover, Transform (TFRT) challenge that began as many people’s annual goals do, on January 1st.

After being chosen as a finalist, each featured athlete was required to commit to 30 days of our prescribed training, nutrition, and recovery plans designed around their individual goals. By implementing the Tone House 360 approach of Training, Fueling, and Recovering like an Athlete, our four featured athletes are measurably faster, stronger, and mentally and physically healthier than they were two months ago.



Initial Goals:

  • Increase upper body strength
  • Build speed and endurance for upcoming races
  • Improve performance on the Turf
  • Lower body fat %


  • Dropped 2.9% body fat, lost 3 overall lbs, and muscle mass increased 1.5% in 30 day period
  • Improved 5k time by 30 seconds
  • Overall changes to mental outlook

“Last week I did a 5k race and I was able to beat my previous PR by almost 30 seconds, even though I hadn’t run for over 2 months during the challenge. Also, I don’t struggle with the warmup in class as much, or with the gallops either. I’d say that overall, I reached all of my goals. I am definitely much stronger in my upper body as well, and don’t die when doing a proper push up.

Along with the physical changes came great mental changes. The challenge has definitely taught me to be more disciplined in my day to day life and in how I tackle my daily chores/goals. I think this came with the change in diet, since I’ve been tracking my intake and being more conscious of my decisions, if I indulge in this meal, I won’t in the next one, etc. This translated in my day to day in being able to feel in control in a conscious way, and not being restricted.”  – Joana


Initial Goals

  • Lose 15lbs and decrease body fat %
  • Improve 3mile run and 2000m row time
  • Improve consistency in meal planning with a busy travel schedule
  • Improve wrist mobility and reduce pain limiting mobility on the Turf


  • Dropped 10 lbs and almost 7% body fat in 30 day period
  • 3 mile run time dropped from 23:06 to 21:26 – Lifetime PR!
  • 2000m row time dropped from 7:54 to  6:52 – Lifetime PR!
  • Can now complete 3 consecutive gallops down the Turf, and warm-up speed has improved significantly
  • Significant progress on wrist/shin ailments – improved mobility, flexibility, and pain relief through regular recovery sessions
  • A better understanding of the importance of a balanced approach to diet that is aligned with fitness goals

“I have learned a lot throughout the challenge – the biggest takeaway for me is my approach to training, fuel, and recovery – I am much more conscious, efficient and balanced. I feel like I made tremendous progress as both an athlete and as a person – my fitness level/ability improved more during these last 2 months than during the entire year of 2018.

“I’ve never felt healthier and more fit in my life.”

My approach to diet and nutrition went through probably the biggest change out of all the TFRT components. I started the challenge on January 1st with a strong commitment to cutting out a lot of carbs from my diet as well as an intermittent fasting eating regimen. This approach resulted in some weight loss but also was contributing to (along with over-training) slower performance and feeling weak on the Turf.

When I started working with Ryan,  I transitioned into a much more balanced diet, with no fasting, and with a mild calorie deficit. I have been feeling much stronger and healthier and have dropped my body fat significantly – around 4-5% – between the first time I have met Ryan and my last session with him.

Working with Dr. Kam weekly and doing the exercises, stretches and mobility work that he showed me helped me a lot in preparation for classes, ensured better movement quality and prevented injury. A key change to my lifestyle and training approach is that I am now actively thinking about and scheduling time for recovery – whether I am at home, traveling, before or after my workout.” – Piotr



Initial Goals

  • Lose weight, drop body fat %
  • Improve body aesthetic


  • Lost 10 overall lbs during the challenge
  • Improved performance on Turf
  • Clothes fitting looser
  • Improved mobility and reduced tightness in hips, hamstrings, and calves

“I’ve noticed that my clothes have started feeling looser and many of them are too big for me now. A common feedback I’ve gotten from friends and family throughout the 60-day challenge was, “Hey, you look leaner! And your face has definitely gotten slimmer!”  

Numbers don’t lie either, as I’ve dropped about 12 – 15 pounds throughout the last few months. My physical changes are mostly due to my nutrition. I’ve become more conscious of what I’m putting in my body through working with Ryan. I try to make sure that I feed myself with good food so that I have the energy to recover from a workout, as well as be able to sustain my body through workouts throughout the week.” – Arnold



Initial Goals

  • Rebuild ab definition after giving birth
  • Strengthen and learn how to activate glutes
  • Work on form in movements on the Turf and improve posture off the Turf
  • Reclaim time for herself as a busy new mom


  • Feeling better mentally and physically, on and off the Turf
  • Relieved shoulder tightness
  • Her abs are making a return

Overall I came into this just wanting to feel better. It sounds so simple, but it was that simple for me. Ryan helped me incorporate protein into my diet after I worked out and encouraged me to get more fiber and water. Dr. Kam would relieve shoulder tightness which helped prevent headaches and showed me some things I could do at home.

I’m now feeling much more confident and less daunted by each class. This challenge has forced me to take some time for myself, something that has been really hard for me since my son was born. The one hour I have in class I’m so focused on surviving the workout and enjoying the camaraderie I forget all the responsibilities I have waiting for me outside those doors. It’s blissful, minus that I’m struggling to breathe most of class.

Having a baby was hard on my body and mind. I was yearning to feel better, stronger, to get a minute to concentrate on me. Being one of the TFRT participants allowed me to do that.” – Rachel

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