Two weeks out from Turf Wars. These are the most important two weeks leading up to the competition. It is in these two weeks that Athletes must find consistency to make or break their performance on the pier; consistency with soft tissue recovery and consistency with their nutrition.

The simplest way to address soft tissue recovery before Turf Wars is to focus the efforts on individual body parts; breaking down the recovery session into “regions” based on what is being trained on that day.

For example, a Monday lower body scheme could look like this (however not limited to these time frames):

  • Morning – foam roll quadriceps, gluteals, and hamstrings bilaterally and then stretch each muscle group.
  • Afternoon – training
  • Evening – foam roll quadriceps, gluteals, and hamstrings bilaterally and then stretch each muscle group.

Foam rolling and other soft tissue modalities such as the NormaTec boots should be used as frequently as possible leading up to the competition. Multiple treatments per day and consistency with this recovery routine helps an athlete build muscular and neurological endurance. Moreover, it is imperative to mention that nutritional factors during these two weeks will also play an important role in your conditioning. As in-House nutritionist Jen Silverman has said, you can’t train and recover if your “insides” are not hydrated and managed optimally.

Turf Wars Recovery Foam Rolling at Tone House

On the day of Turf Wars, your training, nutrition, and recovery culminate. This is the point where you need to keep it simple. Pre-coverey and recovery on competition day are about preparing the target body parts for performance using dynamic movements, as well as incorporating a foam roller, Hyperice Hypersphere, or Theragun to increase blood flow to the tissues. The primary objective for the Athlete between events is to stay warm and hydrated. Hands-on soft tissue therapy and Active Release Technique will be available to all competitors, as well as tools such as the Pain Pill and the 150lb Mac Daddy cement roller. These modalities should be used as frequently as needed to maintain blood flow and prevent lactic acid and tightness from taking over.

Every Athlete is unique; however, the Athlete that can focus their downtime on ample recovery post-turf wars is the one who will find the most success and the most longevity. Taking part in Turf Wars is about friendly competition with your peers; however, it is also about surviving the day – coming out alive and stronger than before.

Turf Wars Recovery
From the perspective of injuries and delayed-onset muscle soreness, it is in the first 24-48 hours than an Athlete should incorporate comprehensive recovery methods. Waiting longer than this time period leaves room for the body to begin its compensation and deconditioning period – meaning progressively worsening aches, pains, and soreness. It is imperative the athlete addresses their body as soon as possible!

Special Turf Wars Advanced Recovery Sessions will be available for all athletes on Sunday, May 20th and Monday, May 21st (sign up online HERE). These 30-minute recovery sessions are meant to address pain complaints as well as immediately pump blood to target areas and speed the recovery process. Alongside these hands-on recovery sessions, part of this sessions also includes a localized cryotherapy session on-site to compliment the deep tissue work.

Turf Wars is a demonstration of this amazing community we cultivate here at Tone House. This event is something we competitively train for, but we also must be mindful of our longevity. The more we prioritize recovery, the more success we will find as we progress through our active and athletic lives.
I want to wish the best of luck to the Athletes at Turf Wars and I look forward to working with each one of you as you unleash your inner athlete!

Yours in health,
Dr. Kam

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