As Tone House Athletes, you have made a bold commitment to invest in yourselves. But that commitment shouldn’t end once you’re off the Turf. By developing smart and practical nutritional habits, you can boost your muscle recovery, endurance, energy levels, overall brain function and athletic performance in a transformative way.

My passion lies in helping you get there.

The everyday challenges can often feel daunting: stressful jobs, long work days, demanding travel – even information overload. My experience working with clients in both private and corporate settings has convinced me that the healthiest approach to nutrition is practicality and moderation.

Rather than diving headlong into overly restrictive fad diets, try implementing the best parts of them. For example, if Paleo isn’t your thing, you should still strive to reduce your overall consumption of sugar. If Keto isn’t for you, then why not incorporate more healthy fats into your diet? Bottom line: if a diet is not going to be sustainable and will only leave you feeling like you’ve failed, it isn’t worth it.

At Tone House, we want to take you to the next level in your athletic pursuits. We want to give you the feeling of confidence and accomplishment that comes from pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible. Nutrition is a key component not just in your athletic performance but throughout all facets of your life.

At Tone House, we want to take you to the next level in your athletic pursuits.

Speak to one of our front desk staff or visit to set up a nutritional counseling session today. We’re ready to get you on a plan tailored to your needs that will generate lasting and sustainable results.


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See you on the Turf!

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