Lindsey Lady KillerMeet Lindsey Becker, an OG Tone House athlete and a new addition to the team as the healthy chef behind our new Tone House Fuel program set to launch this summer.

Here’s how Chef Lindsey first ended up on the Turf and an exclusive look at the creation of Tone House Fuel…

FITNESS/ATHLETIC/WELLNESS BACKGROUND: Ran track in high school and was a state champion pole vaulter.  Currently a professional chef and certified health coach with a focus on nutrition.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN COMING TO TONE HOUSE? )? I started coming to Tone House in the beginning of 2015 but had to take a slight break from it to have my baby.  I’m just now getting back into it and it’s kicking my butt.

HOW DID YOU FIRST HEAR ABOUT TONE HOUSE? Coach Yusuf Jeffers told me about it while I was taking a class of his at another gym.  I always thought he gave such a great workout so I decided to check it out.  Needless to say, I was immediately hooked and left that other gym shortly thereafter.

FAVORITE TONE HOUSE CLASS? Personally, I think I get the most out of the Core Focus Day. I discovered early on that strengthening my core really helped improve my overall performance at Tone House.

FAVORITE TONE HOUSE “TOY” (EQUIPMENT) TO USE IN CLASS: The Harness! It reminds me of drills I used to do in track practice.  It’s also a great way to push yourself – you can always go a few inches further than you think.

WHAT DREW YOU TO TONE HOUSE INITIALLY?  I was trying to get in top shape for my wedding but hit a plateau with my current workout routine.  I tried classes all over the city but couldn’t find one that was challenging enough.  Tone House was unlike anything I had ever taken before and produced results in just a few weeks.  My arms were toned, my abs were defined, and my lower body was stronger than ever.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT TONE HOUSE THAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT FROM OTHER GYMS/WORKOUTS? They don’t let you quit!  Unlike other workouts where you can take a break or stop doing an exercise, Tone House does not let you quit and makes you finish an exercise all the way through.  Having a team environment encourages this since you don’t want to let your teammates or coach down.  Pushing yourself that last bit is what really drives results.

TELL US ABOUT HOW TONE HOUSE FUEL CAME ABOUT?  I introduced myself to Elvira and some of the Tone House coaches back in 2015.  I was a personal health chef at the time and couldn’t help but notice that they were always ravenous and not necessarily eating the best quality food.  Since diet and training go hand in hand for achieving peak performance and the body you want, I thought the coaches and clients might like some of my delicious healthy cuisines.  We started the conversation back up this spring and will now be offering some gourmet creations at Tone House specially crafted to help your body recover.  There will be breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options with a seasonal menu that changes weekly.  All dishes follow a clean-eating diet, with paleo and vegan options as well.


  1. Education. What drives me in my career as a chef is not only to feed people but to educate them on the nutritional aspects of what they are eating.   That’s why our team has specially designed the labels to include not only the standard nutritional facts but also an educational component about each ingredient and the beneficial effect it has on your body.
  2. Detoxification. There are NO additives, artificial ingredients, refined sugars, gluten, dairy, soy, or GMO’s in Tone House Fuel.  Our clean eating program keeps your body happy and running smoothly.
  3. Fuel. A nutrient-rich diet plays an important role in fueling your body and providing energy.  Many of the ingredients we use can help improve your performance.  For example, beets help increase blood flow and boost your stamina, research has found that spinach can help muscles use less oxygen and therefore improve muscle performance, and oats are a good source of B-vitamins, which help convert carbohydrates into energy during a workout.
  4. Recovery.  Consuming the necessary nutrients shortly after exerting your body can help replenish energy stores, build muscle, decrease soreness, burn fat, and repair any damage or inflammation. Some example recovery ingredients we include in our meals are salmon, sweet potatoes, and cherries. Wild salmon provides a large dose of protein and anti-inflammatory omega-3s to rebuild your muscles and increase performance. Sweet potatoes provide a healthy dose of complex carbs to refill your glycogen stores and potassium to balance your electrolytes. Antioxidant-rich cherries have many anti-inflammatory properties, which relieve muscle soreness and aid in muscle recovery, allowing your muscles to grow back bigger and stronger than before.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE MEALS THAT WE CAN EXPECT ON THE SUMMER MENU?  I’m pretty pumped about ALL of the offerings but some of the favorites in the tasting sessions have been:

  • Protein-packed vegan kale Caesar with sweet potato croutons and chia seed “parm” crisps
  • Sesame crusted wild salmon with carrot turmeric puree, forbidden black rice, and super greens
  • Coconut chicken power bowl with kale, avocado, pumpkin seeds, sweet potatoes, and anti-inflammatory summer cherries
  • Organic grass-fed beef burger on a spiced sweet potato bun with beet ketchup
  • Flourless banana protein pancakes with organic almond butter sauce
  • Paleo French toast with organic berries
  • Cacao & hemp seed brownie bites

We will change the Tone House Fuel menu weekly so please feel free to reach out to me if you have any meal requests. To learn more about TH Fuel, click HERE.

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