101 /adjective/ def.:

  1. denoting an introductory in the subject specified or denoting the elementary or basic facts associated with the field or subject specified. “stuff that you should learn in hacking 101”

We’ve overheard it said that the only way to prepare for Tone House(R) is to train at Tone House, which is why we designed a workout specifically for athletes who are new to The Turf. But it also has some serious benefits for seasoned vets or those looking to make a comeback on the Turf.

We chatted with Coach Shaun Jenkins to get his take on why every athlete can benefit from TH 101.

How is TH 101 different from a regular class? 
SJ: The 101, in my opinion, is the athlete’s first step towards committing to training hard and outside of their comfort zone. The 101 provides the athlete with the opportunity to train hard with less of a sense of intimidation of the workout. The environment is very engaging and supper supportive to first timers or veteran athletes who want a slightly dialed-back TH Class.
What’s the benefit for rookies?
SJ: Rookies learn how to execute correct form, and are introduced to the TH training philosophy/mindset. Lastly, rookies learn the correct mechanics for becoming highly functional in the warm-up, which transitions into the rest of class.
What’s the benefit for vets?
SJ: This a great opportunity for vets to perfect their form and class mechanics.  Additionally,  this slightly scaled back workout allows them to train hard, but not as aggressively as a regular TH class. I see this clearly in our Friday Conditioning day class, many vets use this class as their opportunity to train very hard without feeling destroyed from the workout.
Is it still challenging?
SJ: Hell yes! If this is your first Tone House class it will be challenging. If you are a vet, you can make the class as hard as you want to make it by going faster, doing more reps, and grabbing a heavier sandbag or weights. Lastly, if you commit to doing the warm-up correctly, even the 101 warm-up will challenge even our most seasoned vets.


Look for TH 101 on the UES and NOMAD schedules here to sign up for this class.

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