Insider tips from founder Alonzo Wilson.

By: Kay Rivera

With NYC welcoming back warmer weather, so does Tone House with outdoor Conditioning sessions. We speak to Tone House’s Founder and Director or Training, Alonzo Wilson, to hear the benefits and some differences of hitting the outdoor Turf.

A new season of Outdoor Conditioning has hit the House. 

Our coveted Outdoor Conditioning classes were introduced in Summer of 2020 to accommodate social distancing and indoor studio closures. They’re now back with the NYC warm weather for those who wish to train like their favorite athlete in the open-air. 

“The great thing about outdoor classes is that they emulate exactly what we do [in the studio] because Tone House is all about sports,” says Tone House Founder and Director of Training, Alonzo Wilson. With an abundance of sports being played outdoors, “our program translates really outside, because it is where [conditioning] was born.”

But of course, the increased terrain comes with more distance for runners, bear crawls, and gallops, as you are “able to extend the distance of your run, extend the distance of your gallop, and going outside allows for more space and creativity,” Wilson continues. “Kind of what happens in practices, that people who aren’t playing the sport don’t actually get the chance to see.”

The additional space allows for additional drills that cannot take place in indoor Conditioning. Wilson eagerly adds, “You get the chance to feel what it is like to actually do some of these drills; the T-drill, the cone drills. And it is a lot of fun.”

Wilson states, “there are more things we can do to make up for the fact that we may not have as much equipment.” Athletes can expect to see more use of ropes and Val-slides to make up for the lack of the studio’s larger toys. 

Of course, being outside is the best part of it all. A change of scenery is a great way to keep your workout “exciting and adventurous,” Wilson expresses. 

“You can supplement [your workouts] by going outside. You can come indoors and do a [Strength] class, or you can come inside, do a Conditioning class, and go back outside for Conditioning on another day. It kind of breaks things up, to where it’s not so repetitive. And New York City spring and summer is gorgeous outside. So it is great to have the opportunity to do that,” he says.

The field location of East River Park allows Tone House to catch the attention of many intrigued Rookies passing by. Which is advantageous for them, since Outdoor Conditioning may be a lot more appealing and less of a shock than the indoor studio. 

Wilson elaborates, “Inside can be very intimating. The lighting, the music, even though we have music outside to simulate a little bit of what goes on in here. But the fact that it is dark in [the studio], you don’t necessarily get to see your teammates. When you go outside, it’s all lit up, it’s a little less intimidating and more inviting.”

However, whether it is in our NOMAD studio, or in the beautiful scenery of the outdoors, athletes, new or old, should never feel discouraged to hit the Turf based on their experience level. Wilson enforces, “If you get tired, just like in sports, you call a timeout. You take a break, you catch your breath, and when you are ready to jump back in there, you jump back in there.”

Wilson further explains, “There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, everyone takes breaks, I even take breaks! There’s plenty of classes where I am getting cold blooded work, the work was so cold, my fingers were frozen. But I took a little break, my fingers thawed out and I went right back in there.” 

– Alonzo Wilson

And one of the most important elements to get Athletes through the workout, is the team you are surrounded by each and every class. The cheers and claps of your Coach and teammates as exhaustion sets in, provides that boost of strength to cross that line. Wilson echos, “The energy is a big thing that helps drive you through the workout.”

“You feel the support with people cheering you on. It is a great time, and a great environment.” 

So with this new season of Outdoor Conditioning, or even in House with our Strength & Conditioning sessions, we can’t wait to welcome athletes, new or old, on the Turf for some cold-blooded work all summer long.

Ready to try a Tone House outdoor class? Purchase your Rookie Pass here and sign up for any INTRO or INTERMEDIATE class on the schedule.

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