Consistency in training.

Consistency in nutrition.

Consistency in recovery.

Whether you are a new Athlete hitting the turf or a seasoned Athlete returning to improve your performance; consistency is the bottom line.

When it comes to recovery, a new Athlete needs to focus on conditioning their body to tolerate the intensity of class. This conditioning refers to not only the number of classes taken per week but also the number of recovery sessions per week. These recovery sessions mean spending time each day foam rolling and/or stretching in preparation for class, as well as weekly hands-on recovery in the lounge.


Dr. Kam recovery session with client
Photos by: Devonta White

As each Athlete has a unique sports and performance background, daily self-recovery combined with provider directed hands-on recovery are imperative to help manage soreness and prevent injuries throughout the TFRT program.

In the case of the returning Athlete, hands-on recovery sessions are a chance to address any lingering aches and pains as well as refresh class-based movement patterns, such as gallops and bear crawls.

Dr. Kam helping client with self-recovery

To make the most out of the TFRT program, a healthy athlete with the proper fuel and recovery leads to more efficient training on the turf. Consistency is the key to long term success. consistency over everything.

Yours in Health

Dr. Kam

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